Elena Belova

Elena Belova, was born the city Volgorechensk on September 30 1988.
In the childhood Elena start to take dancing lessons and music. Elena went to music school and was studied in it 8 years on a piano class. In parallel took dancing lessons.
Once she heard as someone sings behind doors of the one room of the children's creative center. It were doors of music theater "Sputnik". Exactly there Elena opened her beautiful voice. In the same place she got acquainted with Alexander Kolesov. Having heard, as Elena sings, Alexander decided to meet her with the vocal teacher Troitskiy Stanislav Germanovich who was pleasure to start her training.
After a while Elena admitted to the University in Moscow therefore training with Stanislav Germanovich should be stopped, but the desire to sing increased every day. And once Elena placed the summary on a musical forum where it was seen by Valery Ostrikov. Elena from the first rehearsal joined band where continues to sing for this day.