Alexander Kolesov

Was born on December 7, 1986 in the small city Volgorechensk in the Kostroma region.
Started to appear on stage from 8 years old. After the first such performance it was invited in music - theater "Sputnik" where passed its initial training a vocal.
In parallel with a vocal, 8 years, was engaged at music school on a balalaika class
In the age of 15 years Alexander got to the teacher of a vocal Troitsky Stanislav Germanovich. He directed Alexander on a right way of training of a vocal and open the world of the classical music.
Alexander participated and won in many vocal competitions.
As Alexander gave a lot of time to sports, swimming and oriental martial arts helped grow strong and healthy.
At the first year university Alexander faces for the first time with the Russian heavy and power metal bands music Aria, Kipelov and Catharsis, it was revolution in musical addictions. Thus in the list of idols to Lucciano Pavarotti and Robertino Loretti were added Valery Kipelov and Oleg Zhilyakov.
Then the first group with the proud name Sky Fire was created. As it appeared, training in any way doesn't disturb a classical vocal, and even helps to sing with any other style. And Alexander started to apply, the knowledge received from Stanislav Germanovich, applying Metal. The group existed few years then by itself broke up.
Then the decision to find group in Moscow was made.
After short searches the Veritas band which all texts were in English was found. But for the various reasons, exactly in a year Alexander left group and passed to the Corsair band playing in Trash and Power metal style.
After a while, Alexander's girlfriend - Elena Belova invited to sing in the solo project of the guitarist of Butterfly Temple pagan metal band Valery Ostrikov. Alexander began to visit some rehearsals together with Elena, then began to help with the composition of vocal melodies, then Valery suggested Alexander to join group. After a while Elena and Alexander offered the name for band - Antillia. And musicians started the composition and record of a demo album.